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Customer Stories

Stories sent in by you.

I bought a membership to a club about 4 months ago and have only gone a couple of times to workout. I bought the “exercise” MagicStone and put it on the table next to my bed. It reminds me everyday of my goal to lose weight and gives me that extra motivation to go to the gym. Last month I lost 11 pounds! Thank you!
— D.K.

After 7 years of infertility I got pregnant with twins after using fertility drugs. I lost them at 18 weeks. After that I saw a story about your magic stones on Oprah and I had to have them. I bought the “fertility” and “baby” stones and rubbed them every day. In Dec. we decided to try the procedure again. I rubbed the fertility stone daily and carried it with me. 3 weeks later we were pregnant with twins again. I often prayed throughout the pregnancy, while holding the baby stone and though I needed 2 surgeries and was hospitalized for 5 weeks during the pregnancy, and spent 20 weeks in bed, I delivered healthy baby girls. I think a rubbed a hole in those stones, but I KNOW that they helped us get through that very difficult time. Thank you!
— S. Levine

It’s said that magic, mixed with beauty, can make wishes come true. These”charming” artifacts (MagicStones) have all the required elements to make that happen.
— Napra Review
A dear friend was experiencing a slump in his business and was worried. I sent him a “dream” MagicStone. He had it in his hand for about 30 seconds when the phone rang with a new client, and then another, and then another! Today, business is booming once again.
— D.B.
Holding a MagicStone... feels like sunshine radiating from an earthen battery.

A special thank you! I love your magic stones. The idea of sharing hope or freedom or healing with people I love so much has made the anticipation of gift-giving this year filled with a great sense of well-being.

Almost 3 years ago my husband and I decided we were ready to try to start our family. I wanted a little girl more than anything in the world. On a weekend vacation we stopped in at a little shop, I saw your stones and fell in love with their beauty. I bought a “baby” stone and an “energy” stone. I carried one stone in each pocket for one month. One month later my husband and I were pregnant... 9 months later I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!!
— C. Dillman

Discouraged about the state of human nature after the World Trade center attacks, to encourage me a friend gave me Hope and Freedom. They made my day.
— R. Stapleton
Several years ago I had some health problems and was quite depressed, really for the first time in my life. This was very difficult for me because I’m usually a very happy, positive person. A friend stopped by my office one day and handed me a little box. In the box was a laughter MagicStone with a little smiley face on it. My friend said to me, “this is to remind you to laugh, because laughter is the best medicine.” That little MagicStone was one of the best gifts I had ever received, and it sits on my desk at work to remind me to incorporate laughter into my life. Since then, I’ve bought a bunch of MagicStones for friends who need a little inspiration or magic in their life!
— L. Cary

As a high school coach, I purchased a stone for each of the seniors on our team about 5 years ago. I buy the senior a word that reflects her personality. Each of the other players then write a paragraph about the senior and why that trait made a difference in our team and in their life. I was going to do something different this year, but the other day I heard the seniors talking about what stone they would get. The stones are great and the kids love them. Today I drove over 100 miles to get them for our event because I didn’t want to disappoint. Now I found your website! Keep up the good work, and thanks for what you do!
— J. W.