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149 Water St
Stonington, CT, 06378
United States


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What is a Magic STone?


Magic Stones® are colorful handcrafted, pocket-size reminders for inspiring positive change, joy and healing. Each glass stone is inscribed by hand in our distinctive font, then polished with garnet dust to create a shimmering etching of the positive message and whimsical design.  Each Magic Stone is created with positive intention in Stonington Borough, Connecticut.

Oprah discovered Magic Stones and featured them as tool to draw to you events that you desire and  encouragement to rise above fearful situations. InStyle called them 'Must-Have Stress Busters.'





Hold them, carry them with you, talk about them...soon you will see their qualities reflected in your life.

National autism association partnership

We are proud of our partnership with the National Autism Association inspired by autistic family members and a daughter who is a passionate teacher of autistic students in Englewood, Colorado. We donate 30% of our Piece of the Puzzle Magic Stones sales price and during April Autism Awareness month, 30% of all Magic Stones sales.  



Magic Stones Possibilities

* A thoughtful gift  
* A tool for focus, meditation, prayer or mindfulness
* A smile in your pocket  * A healing affirmation
                * Communication without speaking
* A conversation starter


What Magic are You creating?

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